Our main goal is to bring people together at the University of Minnesota with a passion for survival games which require a dedicated server and provide the resources and atmosphere to pursue that passion. We plan to host monthly/weekly events to encourage teamplay and our servers will be available 24/7. This will let students to have some leisure time aside from their busy studies.

By providing the community and resources necessary for students who are interested in playing survival games such as 7 Days To Die and Minecraft which require a dedicated server for multiplayer, we believe we can benefit the gamer community at UMN greatly.


How do I join?

Applying for a membership is simple, just email the President or Vice-President, and your membership will be processed promptly. Any questions are also welcome and upon membership, you will be invited to the online channels which the club uses for communication, which notify members of upcoming events and updates.



You can use our servers which have a very fast Ping time for Minnesota residents, as they are hosted on campus.



OTHER Management

President - Kanta Kikubo

Computer Science BA & Architecture BDA




Thinks the 🔥UMN🔥 is AWESOME😎😎😎 for providing res halls with unique IP addresses!


Vice President - Brennan Daily

Architecture BDA & Landscape Architecture Minor


Server Status

Check real time server status at Server Status